Greg Lin Tanaka marching with protestors during a Stop Asian Hate Rally in Palo Alto.

Greg Lin Tanaka

For California's 18th Congressional District


A Legislator for the Digital Age

Tanaka stands for transparency, government accountability, and job creation.

Historically, Silicon Valley has been the birthplace of amazing businesses and technologies that have been the economic foundation of the country. Unfortunately, over the past few years Silicon Valley has seen preeminent companies moving away with their well paying jobs and fewer startups being created. Reversing this trend requires fresh ideas and a modern skill set to understand these complex issues.

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Proactive and


Businesses provide jobs and positively contribute to communities. Governments should directly assist specific businesses or industries through subsidies, tax breaks, or other advantages. Businesses have a right to be profitable and sell their products and services.

Greg Lin Tanaka giving a speech to protestors at the Stop Asian Hate Rally in Palo Alto.

Equality & Equity

The only way that we can move progress as a country is by moving forward together.  We must preserve the qualities that make this country great, and we must take action against anything that serves to encourage discrimination and hate.

Crowd of People with masks

COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 moved fast, but our response must be faster. For Greg Tanaka, the pandemic response must be speedy and reach the people in need. There has been no other global emergency in recent history more threatening than COVID-19.