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Tech for AAPI Hackathon

3rd Place Winning Team
1st Place Popularity

Rally Recap

Despite the large Asian population in Silicon Valley, Asians have a relatively low voter turnout. If we want more representation in politics, we need that to change.


By committing to the #8by8 challenge, you would get 8 of your friends, families, and acquaintances to register to vote within 8 days. By pushing the #8by8 challenge, we can #StopAsianHate.

Celebrate Asian History Month!

Bring awareness to Asian hate crime, in

conjunction with celebrating Asian Heritage month! Get ready to see exhibits by the

Stanford Arboretum Chinese Labor Quarters Project (ACLQ)showcasing the importance of Chinese Americans in the building of Stanford University, as well as other booths such as the Stanford Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project Exhibitvoter registration booths, and many more!


MAY 2ND, 2021


  • START: 528 High St. (Garage R.)


  • 250 Hamilton (City Hall)


Booths & Exhibits


Free Yellow "We Belong" Whistles

Provided to all attendees by The Yellow Whistle™

Free T-Shirts

Limited supply provided to #8by8 challenge participants for free by VMware.

Free Personal Safety Alarms for the Elderly

Limited supply provided to #8by8 challenge participants for free by EM Collective.

Free Milk Tea

Provided to all #8by8 challenge participants by Randolph & Ashley Tsien

Exhibit: Chinese Railroad Workers in North America Project at Stanford University

Provided on behalf of Adrian & Monica Yeung Arima

Music by Dan Zalles (Slide Dogs)

Provided on behalf of Adrian & Monica Yeung Arima



Credit to Todd Burke

Credit to Dennis Yu

Map & Rally Route
Paring & Transportation


Parking is available nearby at the High/Alma South Garage (R), where the march begins. Parking is available up to three hours for free. Learn more here. Please check the map above for other parking spots, marked by red circles with the letter "R". Please double check free parking time limits and compare them with the expected length of the rally (3 hours from 2-5pm).

We also recommend taking the Caltrain to the nearby Palo Alto Station, which is only a 5 minute walk down the street to the High/Alma South Garage (R) where the march begins, and only a 10 minute walk to City Hall, where the speeches and booths will be located. Learn more here.

For local residents, we also recommend taking the bus if possible. See nearby bus stops here, and plan your commute here.

  1. Register at the form above to receive social media post templates in the near future and keep up to date with any news regarding the event.

  2. Make a post on social media using the #StopAsianHate & #8by8 tags

  3. Tag 8 of your friends or family to encourage to register to vote, or join the challenge.

  4. Attend the #StopAsianHate #8by8 rally in Palo Alto on May 2nd from 2-5pm, where our sponsors will be doing giveaways for those who have participated in the challenge!

#8by8 Instructions




COVID-19 Guidelines


Please be aware of COVID guidelines, including:

  • Wearing a mask

  • Not participating if you are experiencing symptoms including but not limited to: fever, cough, sneezing, runny eyes and/or nose

  • Not participating if you know or are likely to have been exposed to an individual with COVID-19 within the past 14 days, or if you are immuno-compromised/high-risk for COVID-19

  • Maintaining a distance of at least 6 ft. between yourself and any others

Please keep in mind that although we may supply a small amount of masks and hand sanitizer, these are not guaranteed and we highly encourage anyone who plans to attend to bring their own supplies.


  • Greg Tanaka, organizer

  • Lydia Kou, organizer

  • Gilbert Wong

  • Monica Yeung Arima

  • Bing Wei

  • Jeff Justice

  • Johannah Seah

  • Shruthi Ganesh

  • Deborah Liu

  • Ben Wei

  • Fengming Wang

  • Kelly Tanaka

  • Ryan Tanaka

  • Taylor Tran

  • Aidan Pasamonte

  • Tyler Ratcliffe

  • Rita Abdel-Malek

  • Jared Shirts

  • Michaela Seah

  • Kaylee Wong

  • Anjali Bhattacharya

  • Catherine Zhu

  • Jeannette Wang

  • William Park

  • Raven Walker

  • Alva Mak

  • Cyra Amirah

  • Sadie Taylor

  • Grace Kloeckl

  • Aiza H

  • Zahra Khan

  • Faye Boado

  • Elisa Perez Massella

  • Trinity Bang

  • Nurullah Cetin

  • Anneka Goel

  • Melody Xu

  • Li Hsuan Lu

  • Purvi Singhania

  • Olivia Hau

  • Lillian Clark

  • Haley Parrett

  • Shanna Persin

  • Mathew Signorello-Katz

  • Nikki Lu

  • Amina Khan

  • Keira Wierzbicki

  • Wesley Maa

  • Sandy Lok

  • Gene Chuang

  • Hana Do

  • Yudy Deng

  • Antonia Mou

  • Taylane de Paixao Silva

  • Shilpa Suresh

  • Aishah Ra

  • Tessa Fonstad

  • Apple Verdiell

  • Wendy Li

  • Daphne Ross

  • Agnes Mar

  • Ashley Qiu

  • Renaldi Mulyono

  • Sydney Foley

  • James Ford

  • Ava Kopp

  • Hailey Seto

  • Eliana Haah

  • Annelies Verbist

  • Anna Van Riesen

  • Georgy Papazyan

  • Avery Reller

  • Mina Fedor

  • Evie Coulson



Greg Lin Tanaka

Palo Alto City Councilmember


Stop Asian Hate: 8 by 8

A Movement to End Anti-Asian Racism and Celebrate Asian Heritage Month


For Immediate Release - Palo Alto, CA:  Echoing the Covid-19 Hate Crimes Bill recently passed by Congress, Palo Alto City Councilmember Greg Lin Tanaka is introducing his Stop Asian Hate 8 by 8 campaign by calling Asian citizens to vote. This is a major move for Tanaka in his goal to create meaningful change in the Asian American community with more political representation and participation in the democratic process. To kick off this campaign, he and Palo Alto Councilmember Lydia Kou are organizing a rally in Palo Alto on Sunday, May 2nd, 2021. 


“Part of this movement is supporting Asian-owned businesses too,” says Tanaka, who is also CEO and founder of his own predictive analytics company. “Part of racial equality is achieving economic success.”


His goal is to bring his message nationwide. It is imperative that Asian Americans stand against these injustices that have prevailed since the inception of this country. The country needs to remind itself that Asians are a part of America just as much as anyone else here and deserve equal treatment. 


“We’re taught to be obedient and not cause waves, conforming to this ‘model minority’ myth. I’m tired of Asian Americans being the punching bag and staying silent for so long,” said Tanaka.


The voter registration campaign titled “#StopAsianHate #8by8,” created by Tanaka himself, will signify a new movement of increasing the Asian voting population to create a more permanent, and much needed change. Asian population is over 38% in Silicon Valley, but make up only 15% of registered voters, and an even smaller portion of the elected officials.  According to recent data, 51% of Silicon Valley CEOs are foreign born. Asians make up over 6% of the population nationwide and contribute to nearly 30% of the US GDP.  However, the reality is that there is only 2% Asian representation in Congress.


Deborah Liu, President & CEO of Ancestry, a key leader of the StandbyAsianAmericans initiative, and organizer of a series of AAPI Tech Clubhouse events, is also helping to coordinate the May 2nd rally. Liu, a Palo Alto resident, adds, “The Asian American community is coming together to bring awareness to the challenges we are facing today while also building a better tomorrow. This effort encourages everyone to take action locally.”


The 8 by 8 challenge is to get 8 people to take action (e.g. registered to vote, committed to doing the challenge or voting) by 8 days. If attendees post pledging to do the challenge with the hashtags #StopAsianHate #8by8 on any social media, they will get a giveaway at the rally while supplies last. Mortal Kombat star Robin Shou has already endorsed the #8by8 challenge.


“This rally will have many aspects to push for the change to benefit Asian Americans, by celebrating Asian Heritage,” said Bing Wei, a first generation immigrant, the CEO and Founder of a US-Asia marketing and PR firm based in Palo Alto - The Word International Inc who helps Asians to tell their story effectively. Wei, also a Palo Alto resident adds,  “We want to elevate the message from racial hate to racial healing and lasting change.” 


On May 2nd Sunday, the march will start at 528 High St. (Garage R), Palo Alto at 2pm and end at 250 Hamilton (Palo Alto Civic Center) to start the Rally at 3pm. Marchers will get yellow whistles to blow as they march to City Hall. The Rally will feature VIP guest speakers such as Palo Alto Council Member Greg Lin Tanaka, former Congressman Mike Honda, winner of Survivor Yul Kwon, Old Navy Co-Founder Jenny Ming, State Treasurer Fiona Ma, Assemblyman Marc Berman, President of Ascend Foundation Anna Mok, Council Member Lydia Kou, Foothill-DeAnza Board Trustee/former Cupertino Mayor Gilbert Wong, among others.


To learn more about the Stop Asian Hate 8 by 8 campaign and show support, please register for the rally and help the organizers for contact tracing here.


All media inquiries, 

Please contact Taylor Tran

Press Release


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