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Greg Lin Tanaka


I am a 2nd generation Chinese American from my mom’s side and a 4th generation Japanese American from my dad’s side (in California since 1880!). I’ve lived in the Bay Area since '93 and Palo Alto since '04 when my wife and I bought our house in College Terrace. My son attends Paly and my daughter is attending Greene, where I coach the robotics team!


I envision a vibrant Palo Alto where all are properly represented by City Hall and where real collaboration and neighborhood participation are used to solve challenges.

City Council Service (2017 - Present)

I worked to eliminate excess spending, frequently being the lone vote against staff raises. I worked to minimize city tax & fee increases while funding critical priorities, such as safety and youth.

2017-2018, 2020

Chair and Member, City Council Finance Committee


Liaison, City/School Committee


Liaison, Human Relations Commission


Member, Policy and Services Committee


Member, Rail Committee


Liaison, Palo Alto Downtown Business and Professional Association


Liaison, Business Association of California Avenue


Liaison, Chamber of Commerce, 2018 (Alternate)


Alternate, Chamber of Commerce Government Action Committee


Alternate, Caltrain Policy Maker Committee


Alternate, San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority

Chair (2015), Commissioner (2010-2014, 2016)

Planning & Transportation Commission

I championed the popular California Avenue Streetscape Project, which widened the sidewalks, increased the sense of community, and also created more much-needed parking space. This led to the revitalization of the business district.

June 2015 - April 2016

Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission

  • Improved our roads’ Pavement Condition Index ratings from “fair” to best in the county.

  • Improved fire stations to speed response times and delivery of services.

Four terms, 2006-2010

President, College Terrace Residents' Association

Under my leadership, the neighborhood was able to implement a traffic calming program and Palo Alto’s first Residential Permit Parking Program. This popular program became the template for all neighborhoods in Palo Alto.


Technology Entrepreneur and CEO

My venture-funded company focuses on providing analytics to physical retailers.

University of California, Berkeley

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Stanford University

Electrical Engineering

California Institute of Technology

Electrical Engineering

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