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Greg Lin Tanaka

Councilman Greg Tanaka embodies the enterprising and creative spirit of Silicon Valley wherever he goes. He is a visionary, an entrepreneur, a problem solver, a husband, and a father. During his decade of public service, Tanaka has tirelessly fought for what’s best for his community and his city, transparency in politics and finance, accountability, and job creation. 

Councilman Tanaka was born in the suburbs of Los Angeles, California, to a Japanese-American father and a Chinese-American mother. After attending local schools for most of his childhood, Tanaka would go on to graduate from the University of California, Berkeley, and earn a further degree from the California Institute of Technology. 


Tanaka is a serial entrepreneur and has founded several successful companies in the past, most recently of which is the business analytics company Percolata, which was venture-funded by some of the largest firms in Silicon Valley, including Andreessen Horowitz and Google Ventures.


Tanaka moved to the Bay Area in 1993, and to Palo Alto’s College Terrace neighborhood in 2004, where he resides today with his family.

Tanaka began his public service career as a member of the Resident’s Association in Sunnyvale, where he lived for over a decade. After moving to Palo Alto, Tanaka became the president of Association in College Terrace, implementing popular permit parking programs that greatly increased traffic flow, parking availability for residents, and overall quality of life. These policies would go on to be adopted in similar manners all across the city. Tanaka would also go on to become the chair of Palo Alto’s Planning & Transportation commission, where he enacted several policies that greatly improved road conditions and developed commercial streets into more comfortable spaces for business owners and customers alike.


Tanaka has served on the Palo Alto City Council and as a liaison for the Palo Alto City Chamber of Commerce since 2017, winning his reelection bid to the council in 2020. Tanaka prides himself as fiscally responsible, often speaking out against salary increases and other excess spending. Under his purview, the city cut back excess spending, as well as promoting growth in the developing University Avenue downtown area.


Tanaka has also recently become a leader in Palo Alto’s Stop Asian Hate movement, hosting several rallies with fellow councilwoman Lydia Kou. Tanaka stands for equality and the safety of all constituents, and as such the recent violence against AAPI Americans has been a top priority for him, and his actions have raised money and awareness towards the Asian American community, and his 8by8 initiative has proven effective at increasing civic engagement.

In his years of public service, Tanaka has proven his commitment to the community, and has a track record of success in all fields that he has worked in. No matter 


For more information on Tanaka’s political endeavours, refer to the About Greg section on the top of this page.


Greg Lin Tanaka

市议员 Greg Tanaka (林田中)所到之处都体现了硅谷的进取精神和创新精神。他是一位有远见的人、一位企业家、一位问题解决者、一位丈夫和一位父亲。在他十年的公共服务生涯中,林田中一直为为他的社区和他的城市、政治和金融的透明度、问责制和创造就业机会而不懈努力。





林田中是一位连续创业者,过去创立了几家成功的公司,其中最近的是商业分析公司 Percolata,该公司由硅谷一些最大的公司风险投资,包括 Andreessen Horowitz 和 Google Ventures。


田中于 1993 年搬到湾区,并于 2004 年搬到帕洛阿尔托的 College Terrace 社区,如今他与家人住在那里。

林田中先生从作为桑尼维尔居民协会的成员开始了他的公共服务生涯,并在那里生活了十多年。搬到帕洛阿尔托后,林田中成为 College Terrace 协会的主席,实施了受欢迎的停车许可证计划,大大增加了交通流量、居民停车可用性、和整体生活质量。这些政策将继续在整个城市以类似的方式被采用。林田中还继续担任帕洛阿尔托规划与交通委员会的主席,在那里他制定了几项政策,大大改善了道路状况,并将商业街发展为更适合企业主和客户的舒适空间。


自 2017 年以来,林田中一直在帕洛阿尔托市议会任职,并担任帕洛阿尔托市商会的联络员,并于 2020 年赢得了再次竞选议会的资格。林田中以自己在财政上负责,经常公开反对加薪和其他过度行为开支。在他的职权范围内,该市削减了超额支出,并促进了发展中的大学大道市中心地区的增长。


林田中最近还成为帕洛阿尔托停止亚洲仇恨运动的领导者,与女议员 Lydia Kou 一起举办了几次集会。林田中为所有选民的平等和安全而奋斗,因此最近针对 AAPI 美国人的暴力事件一直是他的首要任务,他的行动包含了募款以及提高对亚裔美国人社区的认识,他的 8by8 倡议已被证明是有效的增加公民参与度。




有关田中的政治努力的更多信息,请参阅本页顶部的关于 Greg 部分。

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