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Make City Hall work for you | Palo Alto City Council | Greg Lin Tanaka | Subtitles
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Let's make a better Palo Alto. Contribute to the campaign today and help lead the way to keeping our community the way it should be.

Greg Lin Tanaka

I‘m Greg Tanaka and I am running for re-election to the Palo Alto City Council to keep City Hall working for you.

My wife and I moved to Palo Alto in 2004 because we wanted to raise our family in a vibrant, connected community. As soon as we arrived, our neighbors held an impromptu BBQ to welcome us. That was just the first of many experiences that have made it clear to us that we made the right choice.

Currently, though, Palo Alto faces several unprecedented and interlocking challenges, most notably a public health emergency that is driving an economic crisis. Meeting these challenges while preserving our quality of life and keeping Palo Alto vibrant and safe requires vigilance, sensible spending, and a recovery plan. I believe I have the skills and experience to help the city with all three.

As City Council Finance Chair, I worked to eliminate excess spending, frequently being the lone vote against excessive staff raises. I also worked to minimize city tax & fee increases while ensuring funding support for critical priorities, such as for safety and youth.

As Planning Commission Chair, I championed the popular Cal. Ave. Streetscape Project. As President of the College Terrace Residents’ Association, I led the creation of Palo Alto’s first Residential Permit Parking Program.

As a parent with kids at Paly and Greene, I understand the needs of working families and the critical importance of our schools, parks, and cultural community. As a homeowner, I know the importance of affordability, diversity, and public safety reform. And as CEO of a small retail technology company, I fully empathize with the challenges faced by our home-grown business community.

Lastly, as an entrepreneur & technologist (Caltech/UC Berkeley), I believe in reaching for the sky - but only from a platform that you know has been well-engineered!

I have spent over a decade helping solve our community’s real-world problems, building the kind of coalitions we need to overcome the daunting challenges we face. I value listening and understanding all perspectives, which is why I’ve held office hours every Sunday afternoon since taking office. I hope you will support my efforts to continue using my skills and experience to keep our City Council working for you.

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