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DALL·E 2023-12-25 12.21.35 - A photo-realistic transformation of the current Caltrain stat

Caltrain Undergrounding

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Local infrastructure such as public transportation is an important priority to help residents in the district. As the economy starts to recover post-COVID, we need to start investing in innovative, long-term solutions to help with issues like alleviating traffic congestion, reducing greenhouse gases, and improving quality of life in Silicon Valley

One such part includes Caltrain, a commonly-used rail line in Santa Clara Valley and San Francisco Peninsula. Grade separations, physical separation between railroad tracks and a roadway, are being considered for safety and circulation concerns. Caltrain should be completely underground (in the form of a tunnel) -- ideally, all the way from Santa Clara to San Francisco. With high prices of land in District 16, building underground makes sense financially. Undergrounding the railroad would improve quality of life as safety concerns would be addressed and there would be less noise/congestion. This solution also frees up land in cities for public projects like affordable housing, retail space and office space, green spaces (i.e. parks/gardens), bike/pedestrian pathways, and sidewalks lined with new trees. For example, undergrounding Caltrain would open up 60 acres of land in Palo Alto alone.


Caltrain Picture By Pi.1415926535 - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

To finance this ambitious project, I plan to capitalize on the high property values in our district by selling development rights, a strategy known as "land value capture." This approach not only makes financial sense but also ensures that the benefits of this development are directly reinvested in our communities. Additionally, I aim to tap into federal funding sources, such as the $108 Billion Dollar Bipartisan Infrastructure Law, which are ideally suited for high-impact projects in densely populated, economically vibrant areas like ours.

This Caltrain undergrounding initiative complements and integrates with the proposed BART extension to Santa Clara. While BART addresses regional connectivity, the undergrounding of Caltrain focuses on enhancing local transit efficiency and urban development. Together, these projects form a cohesive vision for transportation in our district, one that not only improves our current transit infrastructure but also lays the foundation for a more prosperous, sustainable, and livable community.

My commitment to these projects is matched by a pledge to reform government procurement processes, ensuring that they are executed efficiently, transparently, and with fiscal responsibility. Drawing from successful models, including public-private partnerships and innovative financing, as demonstrated in the Tesla/Palo Alto City partnership, that I recently moved forward on City Council, we're not just envisioning a better future; we're actively building it.

In essence, the undergrounding of Caltrain is more than a transportation proposal; it's a commitment to a future where our community thrives with improved connectivity, enhanced public spaces, and sustainable urban growth. This project, in harmony with the BART extension to Santa Clara, symbolizes our dedication to transforming our district into a model of innovative and responsible urban development.

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