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Tanaka DAO

Tanaka DAO is the first individual political campaign DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and represents a hallmark of transparency, participation, and community.


Members receive campaign memorabilia in the form of NFTs issued after donations are accepted. NFTs will give access to exclusive campaign events and discussions.

  • Service History (click to expand)
    City Councilmember, Palo Alto (2017-Present) Chair and Member, City Council Finance Committee (2017-2018, 2020) Liaison, City/School Committee (2020, 2021) Liaison, Human Relations Commission (2020) Member, Policy and Services Committee (2019, 2021) Member, Rail Committee (2019) Liaison, Palo Alto Downtown Business and Professional Association (2017-2019) Liaison, Business Association of California Avenue (2017) Liaison, Chamber of Commerce, (2019; 2018 Alternate) Alternate, Chamber of Commerce Government Action Committee (2017) Alternate, Caltrain Policy Maker Committee (2017) Alternate, San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority (2017) Chair, Planning & Transportation Commission (2015), Commissioner (2010-2014. 2016) Infrastructure Blue Ribbon Commission (2015-2016) President, College Terrace Residents' Association (Four Terms, 2006-2010)
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