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Let's Talk: SB-1047

Join me and hundreds of other hard-working Californians in opposing Senate Bill 1047. This bill not only limits growth, but it locks away the reason why Silicon Valley is so great. We cannot let AI be limited, but more importantly, we cannot let the government limit our creativity.

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What is SB-1047?

SB 1047, introduced by Senator Scott Wiener, aims to regulate the development and deployment of advanced artificial intelligence models in California. The bill establishes a framework for developers to ensure that AI models do not possess hazardous capabilities that could lead to critical harm, such as creating weapons of mass destruction or causing mass casualties through cyber-attacks. Key provisions include mandatory safety protocols, a new Frontier Model Division in the Department of Technology, and reporting requirements for AI safety incidents. The bill also proposes CalCompute, a public cloud computing cluster to support safe AI research and development. Click here to view the full bill.

SB 1047 may appear to prioritize safety, but it imposes excessive regulations that stifle innovation and place an undue burden on AI developers. The bill’s stringent requirements for safety protocols, annual compliance certifications, and severe penalties for non-compliance could hinder technological advancements and place California at a competitive disadvantage. These regulations could discourage small businesses and startups from developing AI technologies, limiting the state's growth in this critical sector. If you would like to learn more about opposing SB 1047, visit the X pages of Daniel Jeffries and Jeremy Nixon.

Join us in opposing SB 1047! Contact your local assembly members and tell them to vote NO on this bill by August 31st. Let’s ensure California remains a leader in AI innovation without unnecessary regulatory constraints. Your voice matters—take action now!

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Act Now

SB 1047 imposes heavy regulations on AI development, increasing costs and hindering progress. By mandating strict safety protocols and audits, it places excessive control in state hands, threatening California's tech leadership. Find your assembly member below and see AI predictions on their likely vote on August 31st, made with ChatGPT. Contact your local assembly member and urge them to vote NO on SB 1047 to protect innovation and creativity. If you would like to learn more about the reasons behind the opposition, go to


Red-In Favor of 1047

Green-Opposing 1047


Rick Chavez Zbur

District 51 (San Diego)

ChatGPT Prediction: Assembly Member Zbur will likely vote in favor of the bill with careful consideration for small businesses.

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*All predictions were created by ChatGPT using prior knowledge about each assembly member. Predictions may not accurately reflect stances of each member.

Stay Informed

Join us on July 20, 2024, from 4 pm to 6 pm PST for an engaging Space session on X about SB 1047. Our goal is to educate participants about the bill and facilitate a lively, yet respectful, debate among various perspectives. The session will feature conversations between speakers and differing viewpoints on SB-1047, beginning with an introduction to the bill and its effects, followed by a free-flowing discussion using guiding questions from our premade agenda. If you are interested in attending as a speaker or have any questions, please email Don’t miss this pivotal discussion on the future of AI regulation.

Key Points


X (Spaces), YouTube

Discussion Topics:

Impacts, implications, and opinionated viewpoints on SB 1047

The discussion will be a free-range conversation with guiding questions linked in the agenda. The discussion will revolve around the differing opinions of each speaker.


Various AI enthusiasts and politicians in the AI space

The speaker slate will include various AI enthusiasts as well as politicians who have strong opinions on SB 1047. More information about speakers and the agenda will be updated soon.

Join Us

We urgently need your support to oppose SB-1047, a bill that poses a significant threat to the advancement of artificial intelligence and the livelihood of thousands of individuals in California. If passed, SB-1047 would impose severe restrictions on AI development, driving innovation out of our state and forcing hundreds of AI startups to relocate, putting thousands of people out of work. Your voice is crucial in this fight. To spread the message and amplify our collective opposition, we invite you to join us by signing up with the form on the right. If you sign up, your name will be listed with other Californians who proudly stand against AI regulation. Your support will send a strong message to our legislators that we stand united in protecting innovation, jobs, and the future of AI in California. Let’s work together to ensure that SB-1047 does not pass. Sign up today to show your opposition and help us safeguard the future of AI in our state.

Sign up to endorse NO on SB-1047

  1. Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley Professor

  2. Amit Jain, CEO of LumaAI

  3. Anjney Midha, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz

  4. Matt Popovich, CEO of Legislature AI

  5. Nirit Weiss-Blatt, USC Research Fellow

  6. Rohit Krishnan, Co-founder of Fab

  7. Chris Lengerich, Founder of ContextFund

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