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As we stand at the dawn of a new era, it's clear that Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not just a fleeting trend, but a transformative force reshaping the contours of our society. Councilmember Tanaka is at the forefront of this evolution, advocating for policies that harness the immense potential of AI while addressing the challenges head-on.

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Join Councilmember Tanaka's Vision for an AI-Driven Future!

 Embracing the AI Revolution: A Vision for Progress

Councilmember Tanaka understands that the narrative surrounding AI has been mired in unwarranted fears and misconceptions. While some predict an AI-induced apocalypse, these claims often lack the robust evidence needed to shape constructive discourse and policy. In contrast, Councilmember Tanaka envisions an AI-infused future that upholds the spirit of innovation, nurtures the economy, and elevates our global standing.

The Policies: Advocating for Openness, Innovation, and Security

1. Championing Open Source AI: Recognizing that open source AI acts as the software world's peer review, Councilmember Tanaka champions policies that promote transparency, safety, and community-driven development. This ensures rapid innovation and fortification against potential threats, fostering an environment where the best ideas thrive.


2. Avoiding Regulatory Overreach: Councilmember Tanaka vehemently opposes policies that stifle innovation. Overburdensome regulations not only hinder progress but also pave the way for regulatory capture by large incumbents. Our policy focus is on nurturing a competitive landscape where startups and established companies alike can contribute to the AI revolution.


3. Empowering Academic Research: Councilmember Tanaka supports initiatives that liberate academic institutions from the shackles of proprietary limitations, fostering an environment of open exploration and innovation in AI. This commitment ensures that America continues to lead in cutting-edge research and development.


4. Safeguarding America's Global Leadership: In a world where technology prowess is a cornerstone of geopolitical influence, Councilmember Tanaka's policies are designed to maintain America's competitive edge. This means ensuring that our homegrown AI initiatives are not just surviving, but thriving and setting global benchmarks.

 A Future Augmented by AI: The Promise of a Better Tomorrow

Councilmember Tanaka's vision extends beyond mere technological advancement. It's about harnessing AI to augment human intelligence, thereby enhancing every facet of our lives – from education and healthcare to creative arts and governance. By embracing AI, we're not just innovating; we're paving the way for a future where every individual's potential is maximized, where economic prosperity is a reality for all, and where societal challenges are addressed with unprecedented efficiency and empathy.

Addressing AI Risks with a Focus on AGI, Deep Fakes, and Legal Frameworks

Councilmember Tanaka is deeply aware of the evolving landscape of artificial intelligence, particularly the industry's progression towards Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). Recognizing the transformative potential of AGI, we emphasize the necessity of a forward-thinking and balanced approach to AI governance. This approach must not only mitigate fear but also strategically address the tangible risks associated with advanced AI technologies such as Deep Fake and Deep Voice, which are increasingly exploited by scammers.
We advocate for the development and implementation of comprehensive cyberdefense strategies, ethical standards tailored to the unique challenges of AGI, and the enhancement of legal frameworks to effectively penalize malicious use of AI technologies. Recognizing the current inadequacies in law enforcement and legal penalties for bad actors, our policy emphasizes the urgent need for legislative action to keep pace with technological advancements.
To this end, we propose a multi-stakeholder dialogue that includes innovators, policymakers, law enforcement, and the public to collaboratively forge pathways that promote the responsible use and development of AI. By doing so, we aim to ensure that advancements in AI, including AGI, serve the public good while safeguarding against misuse and its consequences.

A Call to Build, Not Hinder

In conclusion, Councilmember Tanaka invites you to be part of a movement that embraces AI not as a threat, but as our greatest ally in building a prosperous, equitable, and enlightened future. Together, we can steer the narrative away from baseless fear and towards a horizon brimming with promise and potential.


It's time to build, not hinder. It's time to ensure that the legacy of AI is not one of missed opportunities, but of a world profoundly enhanced by intelligent innovation. Join Councilmember Tanaka in championing policies that bring this vision to life.


Your support is not just a vote for a candidate; it's an endorsement of a future where technology amplifies our humanity, where innovation knows no bounds, and where America continues to lead the world in the march towards progress and prosperity.

Together, let's embrace the AI-driven future.

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