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Greg Lin Tanaka

For Congressional District 18, California


Together, we are stronger.

Tanaka stands for transparency, government accountability, and aims to create more jobs.

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Proactive and Pro-Market

Businesses provide jobs and make other positive contributions to communities, Greg Tanaka believes that government should promote business. Government should directly assist specific businesses or industries through subsidies, tax breaks, or other advantages. Businesses have a right to be profitable and sell their products and services.

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Government Accountability

Accountability reduces corruption, but it is critical to understand that good governance is more than achieving openness. Openness means involving the community in the decision-making process.

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COVID-19 Recovery

COVID-19 moved fast, but our response must be faster. For Greg Tanaka, the pandemic response must be speedy and reach the people in need. There has been no other global emergency in recent history more threatening than COVID-19.

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Tolerance and Inclusion

It's challenging not to wonder how to protect our children's future; how to have a safe and peaceful community. As your Congressman, Greg Tanaka is committed to addressing every confronting situation without threat of physical force.

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