While it is true that misinformation was used to motivate some voters to question the validity of the election and to contribute to the storming of the Capitol, we must resist the government overstepping and pressuring private companies to do their bidding. Reps. Eshoo and McNerney outline some of the misinformation that has been distributed by the news organizations they cite, and they also pose some questions that might be worth answering. However, these questions were asked with the intent of silencing those who disagree with them rather than quelling misinformation. They are deliberately opposing the benefits of having a diverse ecosystem of media outlets that are independent of the government, and they are limiting the viewers’ ability to make their own decisions. These tactics are unacceptable and amount to censorship.
In these times where sources of information abound as never before, it is essential that all people have the freedom to choose what media they consume. In order to have a well-informed citizenry, we must be able to hear other perspectives and make our own judgments. There is a danger in trying to curb the proliferation of misinformation if we go too far and eliminate the voices of our fellow citizens who [merely] disagree with Congress. If these gates of censorship are opened, they cannot be closed. Representatives with different perspectives in Congress could do the exact same to other media outlets. As a strong believer in the First Amendment, I know it is our duty not only to protect the voices with whom we agree but also the voices with whom we disagree. As a Councilmember, I consider it my duty to meet and exchange ideas with my fellow citizens regardless of whether their opinions align with mine. As your Representative, I will protect your fundamental right to freedom of speech and serve your interests as a fellow American, regardless of your political beliefs or partisan affiliation.
Issues like these are why I’m running for Congress. Freedom of speech is a sacred American tradition that should be protected at all costs. Members of Congress should not be threatening media companies if they do not conform to their version of the truth. 

Greg Lin Tanaka giving a speech to protestors at the Stop Asian Hate Rally in Palo Alto.