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Simplify Your Taxes, Secure Your Future with Councilmember Tanaka.

Elect a Visionary for Tax Simplification.

In an era where technology simplifies daily life, Councilmember Tanaka envisions a tax system that mirrors this simplicity and efficiency. If elected, Councilmember Tanaka is committed to championing the IRS Simplified Tax Initiative, a proposal that transforms tax filing into a straightforward, user-friendly process.

Join me in support of tax simplification!

The IRS Simplified Tax Initiative: Effortless Filing at Your Fingertips

  1. Pre-Filled Returns by the IRS: Begin your tax journey effortlessly. The IRS will use existing data from employers and banks to create a pre-filled tax return for you. This draft will accurately reflect your income, investments, and more.

  2. The 'Just Press Accept' Option: If the pre-filled return matches your records, simply press 'Accept'—it's that easy. Your taxes are filed, and your part is done. This single-step process is Councilmember Tanaka's commitment to making tax filing as simple as a single click for the majority of Americans.

  3. Tailor as Needed: If you need to add deductions, declare additional income, or claim credits, we've got you covered. Receive an editable file compatible with major tax software, allowing you to customize your return without starting from scratch.

  4. Guidance for Complex Situations: For those with intricate financial landscapes, Councilmember Tanaka's initiative ensures that expert advice and support are readily available, making tax filing accessible and stress-free for everyone.

Transforming Tax Filing: Benefits that Resonate

  1. Unprecedented Time and Cost Savings: This initiative aims to significantly reduce the 13 hours and $240 that Americans, on average, currently spend on tax preparation, transforming tax filing into a swift and economical process.

  2. Accuracy at Its Core: With the IRS providing the initial draft based on verified data, the error rate in tax filings is expected to drop significantly from the current 21%, ensuring peace of mind and reliability in the tax filing process.

  3. Inspiration from Global Best Practices: Drawing from the successes of systems in countries like Sweden and Japan, this initiative is poised to elevate U.S. tax filing to international standards of efficiency and taxpayer satisfaction.

  4. Empowerment Across the Board: This initiative is a stride towards fairness, ensuring that every taxpayer, regardless of income or background, has the simplest pathway to claiming their rightful deductions and credits, like the EITC, without incurring additional costs.

  5. A Positive Ripple Effect on the Economy: By alleviating the annual $200 billion burden due to complex tax compliance, these changes promise a more robust economy and the reallocation of resources to crucial public services and infrastructure.

Stand with Councilmember Tanaka

Your support for Councilmember Tanaka and the IRS Simplified Tax Initiative is a step towards a future where tax filing is not a chore, but a simple, swift, and secure task.

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Choose Councilmember Tanaka for a tax system that's not only efficient and accurate but also respects your time and hard-earned money. Elect a future where 'Just Press Accept' is all it takes. Elect simplicity. Elect Councilmember Tanaka.
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