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A Call for Change in College Admissions

The story of Stanley Zhong, a high school graduate hired by Google but rejected by numerous colleges, has reignited the debate on college admission fairness. We need to address the glaring disparities and lack of transparency in college admissions across the United States.

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Fair and Transparent Admissions for All

We envision a college admission process that is equitable, transparent, and reflective of a candidate's true potential. This issue transcends political lines, affecting the mental health of our youth, the economic future of our nation, and the fundamental principles of democracy.

Proposed Solutions: Ensuring Fairness and Transparency
  • National Legislation: Advocate for the National College Admission Transparency Act, which includes a mandate for uniform standards across the country and specific provisions to enhance fairness in admissions.

  • Automatic Explanation for Rejections: Implement a policy requiring that every student applying to an educational institution that receives federal funding will receive a detailed file explaining the reasons for their rejection. This will ensure transparency and provide applicants with insights that can aid in their future endeavors.

  • Technological Integration: Promote the use of advanced technology in admissions processes to ensure fairness, efficiency, and accountability.

  • Regional Pilot Programs: Initiate pilot programs to test and refine transparent admission practices in diverse educational settings.

  • Community Engagement: Organize forums for open dialogue and collaboration among students, parents, educators, and policymakers to share perspectives and develop actionable strategies.

  • Accountability and Oversight: Establish robust mechanisms for monitoring and enforcing admission transparency, ensuring compliance with established standards.

Call to Action: Join the Movement

Your voice is crucial in this fight for fairness in college admissions. We invite you to join us in this campaign, whether you are a student, parent, educator, or concerned citizen. Together, we can create a system that values merit, encourages diversity, and upholds the principles of transparency and fairness.

Resources and Engagement: Be Informed and Involved

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