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National Sovereign Wealth Fund

Investing in Deep Tech: A Vision for America's Future

In an era where innovation is the cornerstone of national strength and economic resilience, the United States faces a critical juncture. The challenge of maintaining our technological edge and addressing the growing national debt requires bold, innovative solutions. It's time to invest in the future of America through deep technology — the kind of leap-forward innovations that can redefine industries, from artificial intelligence to renewable energies, biotechnology, and beyond.

Councilmember Greg Tanaka, with his proven track record in technology and finance, proposes a revolutionary approach: the establishment of a National Sovereign Wealth Fund. This fund will act as a Limited Partner (LP), not only to help manage and reduce our national debt but also to foster investment in deep tech sectors that are crucial for our country's future.

Join My Vision for America's Future:

The Challenge

Currently, venture funds, the lifeblood of innovation, face significant hurdles in raising the capital necessary to drive forward the next wave of technological advancements. Many are compelled to seek funding far from our shores, including the Middle East. This trend not only drains potential economic benefits from the U.S. but also places the strategic advantages of emerging technologies in global competitors' hands.

The Solution: A National Sovereign Wealth Fund

Drawing inspiration from successful models around the world, a U.S. Sovereign Wealth Fund would pool resources from various sources, including profits from state-owned assets and strategic investments. By acting as an LP, this fund would provide the necessary capital injections to venture funds focused on deep tech innovations, ensuring that America remains at the forefront of technological advancement.

Benefits for America

  • Strengthening National Security: By investing in cutting-edge technologies, we ensure our military and cybersecurity capabilities remain unmatched.

  • Boosting the Economy: Deep tech investments drive job creation, spur economic growth, and maintain our competitive edge on the global stage.

  • Reducing the National Debt: Strategic investments can generate significant returns, contributing to the reduction of our national debt.

  • Encouraging Domestic Innovation: With easier access to capital, American entrepreneurs and scientists can lead the world in breakthroughs that shape our future.

DALL·E 2024-02-10 18.23.27 - Illustrate a futuristic vision of America, powered by deep te

Join Us

Greg Tanaka believes in an America that leads not just in military might, but in the power of its ideas and innovations. By establishing a National Sovereign Wealth Fund, we can unlock the potential of deep tech to secure our nation's future, create sustainable economic growth, and build a more equitable society.


This vision for America is not just about maintaining our status on the world stage; it's about forging a path forward that ensures prosperity, security, and opportunity for all Americans. Join Greg Tanaka in making this vision a reality.

Together, we can invest in America's greatest asset: its ingenuity.


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